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Craig Shelly Honors Hollywood’s Ace Actor, Colin Farrell With a Bespoke Watch — El Capitan Rose — On The Eve of the 91st Academy Awards With An Amalgamation of Style and Humanity

by Craig Shelly

Colin Farrell attended the 91st Academy Awards with a philanthropist flair, and Craig Shelly, in collaboration with City Gala, sponsored and supported 100 underprivileged children with food and education for one year through its partnership the Akshaya Patra Foundation.

As Colin Farrell graced the red carpet on Sunday night, he ushers forth a film career that embraces and cultivates a maturity marked from roles from the HBO hit, True Detective and The Lobster.

Colin was gifted Craig Shelly’s finest and fully customized timepiece, El Capitan Rose. This watch features a Swiss chronograph movement with date, 30-minute register and 1/10 second counter, and a water-resistant body that dazzles. The watch is engraved with Colin’s name as a timeless reminder of his work throughout the years in the film industry.

2019 is a landmark year for Craig Shelly featuring the release of their brand new, limited edition, Hope Collection. Just ask Craig what the Hope Collection means to him:

“‘HOPE’ … such a Simple, Pure, yet a Powerful word! It has the power to change anything and anyone. It can transform adversities into possibilities. Giving the gift of HOPE to someone is elevating their spirits and giving them a chance to make a difference in their lives and that of others around them.”

Craig Shelly is known for their philanthropy and their unique mission, making time to give back. In addition to their partnership with City Gala, Craig Shelly supports Shriner’s Children’s Hospital and A Soldier’s Journey Home.

Together, Craig Shelly has honored Mario Lopez and other Hollywood celebrities, along with celebrities from the IIFA clan, with unique timepieces, actively expanding their philanthropic movement.

“Our goal is to raise awareness and support for some of the most disadvantaged children and provide them with the right to access education and healthy, nutritious meals.”

This timepiece breathes empowerment to children and beckons the opportunity of a thriving existence met with education and sustenance — a program everyone can get behind.

Purpose Before Profit

There exists a unique opportunity to think about other people; children, soldiers, communities in need and find a purpose before humanity puts blinders on and focuses only on profit.

The world needs unity through partnerships and common sense philanthropy, and that’s exactly what Craig Shelly has accomplished through the years and are expanding upon with the release of their Hope Collection. The Hope Collection consists of El Capitan, the watch gifted to Colin, Hope, Faith, LoveCherish, & Empower. Learn more about our new collection!

By gifting the Hope collection, you are giving someone an opportunity to elevate their spirits, providing them with an opportunity to make a difference through access to nourishment and education, providing recovering veterans an opportunity to follow their dreams, and providing children with the healthcare they need to live a rich, full life. All contained in a timeless package of Swiss-made elegance and performance.

The Craig Shelly Difference

The journey of Craig Shelly spans three decades filled with passion and enthusiasm to cultivate aesthetically stunning timepieces, crafted by the imagination and tenacity of two high school sweethearts. They set out to express the joy of love in a physical manifestation — a watch.

Not only is a timepiece a lovely way to celebrate and signify your love, but it serves as a reminder of all whirling and wondrous moments you’ve spent forging a love that endures.

And, in this enrapture, Craig Shelly gives you more than just time and love — they provide you with a chance to make a difference.

With every timepiece purchased, your investment goes towards feeding and educating one child for one year. Be the difference while making a difference — one child, one soldier, one person at a time. These Swiss-made timepieces function to “make time to give back.”

This article is not intended as a product endorsement. Any references to persons or products in this article are designed purely to highlight, with permission, the gifts provided by Craig Shelly and our appreciation for their work.

Craig Shelly, Beverly Hills, announces an expansion into the Indian market with a prestigious collaboration with The International Indian Film Academy, better known as IIFA.

For the 2018 IIFA Awards, Craig Shelly has designed a commemorative line of elegant Swiss timepieces to celebrate the IIFA awards and all of the talented winners that make up the Bollywood film fraternity.

According to Ken Research, the premium wristwatch market comprises 44% market share in India. With that said, The Craig Shelly IIFA Collection has surpassed excellence and grace in an effort to represent the award-winning recipients with their own premier timepieces. The Master Blaster, which will be gifted to honour the top actors and actresses is designed with an elite craftsmanship, using the prestigious Valjoux 7750 automatic movement, chronographs and encompasses a multiplicity of functions wrapped in an elegant face and a Sapphire crystal open-face back. After the long-awaited announcement of the winners is revealed, each watch will be engraved and customized for each one of IIFA award-winning stars along with a Craig Shelly-IIFA Memorabilia Book to be released to highlight the elegance of the night.

Craig Shelly thanks IIFA for this groundbreaking collaboration and wishes each of their nominated friends in the industry the best of luck and looks forward to presenting all of the winners a premier Craig Shelly IIFA gift in Bangkok this June 21st to 24th.

In view of expanding e-commerce market in India, a more affordable collection is also available online at We hope to provide both accessibility and luxury in the IIFA collection so that consumers can achieve the looks that are presented to the IIFA Award-Winners.

Press Contact:

Society Global Indian Icon Awards London Was a Rocking Success

by Craig Shelly

In keeping with its editorial philosophy and to celebrate the global success stories of Indian Icon from different fields, SOCIETY magazing hosted its annual SOCIETY GLOBAL INDIAN ICON AWARDS in London. Our icons were chosen from the field of Business, Philanthropy, Art, Music, Food, Sports, Law, Medicine, Education, amongst others.

The event was done in collaboration with Meera Gandhi and the Giving Back Foundation which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Craig Shelly - The Brand

by Craig Shelly

Conceptualized in 1989 and Established in 1999, CRAIG SHELLY BEVERLY HILLS Brand was created with the most powerful emotions of all LOVE!

Craig and Shelly, a real-life couple, met in high-school and fell in love some three decades ago. Their compassionate heart always wanted to spread the love around the world and give back to the communities in need. 

The Purpose:
Love Faith Believe Cherish & Empower! These are powerful words and give HOPE and uplift people and make this world a slightly better place. These are also the foundation of the of CSBH Brand. With giving back at the center and fore front, our motto is PURPOSE BEFORE PROFIT. 

What does Purpose Before Profit mean ? When asked, Craig and Shelly replied, “think of others before yourself. Children, veterans, families, hospitals in need. You have the power to change so many lives and with a very small effort if this motto is built into your daily system. If we all do give back in a small way, we can make a big difference in lives of the underprivileged” 

CSBH supports several charities around the globe, beginning right here at home. These charities are hand selected and are vetted to make sure the benefits of our efforts are passed on to the right beneficiaries. 

Shriners Hospitals For Children, Along Comes Hope (children fighting cancer), StormAid (for communities affected by natural disasters), and Akshaya Patra (ending hunger and poverty thru mid-deal meal program and educating children) and A Soldiers Journey Home ASJH (where Veterans in dire need are helped by individuals around the country to build a house ground up in 9 days).

At CSBH, our goal is to constantly thrive to find charities that help communities and people in dire need. We welcome our partners to bring froward such amazing charities and we will be proud to support them. 


Our products are finely crafted to perfection. Most importantly, designed and hand-manufactured with compassion and a heart to give back. 

Our watches are designed in our studio in California and manufactured in our Swiss factory with precision and highest quality of materials available to the mankind. Hence we offer “Peace of Mind” warranty, which is unparalleled in the industry. Learn more online about this amazing warranty at “Peace of Mind”

Our Jewelry and accessories are designed and handcrafted with perfection right here in Los Angeles and inspired by some incredible events and monuments around the world and are sure to appease the classy clientele that has a taste and value for the quality. We pride in custom design work as well as personal attention to detail. 

Our Community
Here at CSBH created One of a Kind Business Model and a beautiful community of enterprising entrepreneurs and leaders who can excel in a safe and guards-down ambience. Our own Ambassador Partner Program designed to uplift and empower individuals by surrounding them with some incredibly successful business Tycoons, coaches, professional trainers, self made millionaires and billionaires, athletes and champions from all walks of life. We enable Ambassador Partners to reach their goals and support them throughout the year with their mission and purpose. We provide them access to some of the worlds most amazing masterminds, coaching events, mentorship programs, deal flow and investment clubs and much more at No Extra Cost to them. Something which truly is Priceless. 

The Ambassador Partner Program or APP is by invitation only and members are thoroughly vetted and interviewed and are referred thru a fellow partner. These individuals are highly successful C-Suite Executives and are advocates and supporters of APP and our member community.  FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY … Family is what drives America and there’s a huge need for companies that care for you and your family. We have an unprecedented team of professionals that will help and elevate you from wherever you are in your life and strengthen your character by doing the right thing and bring a Big Revolution in your financial world by Serving your family. A TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM and NO FAMILY LEFT BEHIND is our mission. 

APP is an investment in yourself and one that will grow and make your dream become reality. It is designed to grow your investment many folds and even secure your retirement. How cool would it be to wear a Swiss timepiece that actually protects your present & future and multiplies your investment several X. Get rewarded along the way. You can decide how much time you want to put behind this. As little as 10 hours a year (less than an hour a month or 2 mins a day). Keep doing what you love, and spend more time with family knowing that your financial present and future is secure. 

Apply to join APP today and own a business you will be proud of Ambassador Partner

The APP also provides a unique opportunity to unlock and reimagine the business strategies thru our Executive Accelerator Mentoring program. It presents great opportunities and tools to deal with growth, individually and for multiplying sales revenue of your business. PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE PARTNER or PEP. This program is for individuals and companies that seek to 10x their growth and revenue model. We provide you with financial education and have a dedicated intellectual, technically savvy team of professionals behind you and your business. This team will scale your business to the next level and set up qualified leads and appointments of C-level executives within your industry or target market. Through this program, our team will guide you thru your strategic plan for growth and sharpen your leadership skills thru an actionable plan.

Apply today to join PEP at

Peace of Mind

by Craig Shelly

Craig Shelly's Industry-Leading Lifetime Warranty

Peace Of Mind & Swiss Craftsmanship, Guaranteed

You can be 100% confident in any purchase with Craig Shelly.

If something happens to your watch or jewelry, we will replace it under virtually any circumstances for the lifetime of the piece. And if the product is discontinued, we send you one of equal or even greater value. We haven’t seen a competitor come anywhere close to matching our warranty.

Shopping with Craig Shelly means peace of mind in the unfortunate event of:

Factory defects
Mechanical breakdown
Accidental Damage
Accidental Loss

How To File A Warranty Claim:

Be sure to Register your watch or jewelry online at our website when you purchase
In the event it gets damaged, file a claim on our website and upload pics
In the event it is lost or stolen, please file a police report and fill out the claims form on our website
Pay the deductible (20% of purchase price)
Your claim will be processed in 5 business days and we will ship you a new piece

This is our way of saying thank you for helping others and that you can count on us to protect your investment for a lifetime.


"* Subject to a small deductible and processing fee. Shipping and insurance will he added once replacement order is processed"

*excludes custom made jewelry and watches

Charity Support Application

by Craig Shelly

Shopping Craig Shelly Means Putting People Before Profit


We partner with these organizations to make the world a better place, and now you can too.

Craig Shelly is committed to social change.

Every day, people spend their lives in conditions that are unfit for any human being, but together we can change that.

We hope you’ll become part of our fight to end generational poverty, hunger, and sickness worldwide.

Here’s a list of our partners and how they’re creating a better future for the human family.

Akshaya Patra

Our partnership with this organization feeds a child for an entire year for every watch purchased.

Youth Action International

Youth Action International is dedicated to uplifting impoverished regions across the globe through education, health, and economic development.

Our partnership with YAI powers our Watches For Water Campaign. Proceeds from each sale of our Oceanic timepiece go toward the construction of a well which will provide clean drinking water for up to 1500 people in each region.

Vesta Kids X Conscious Coalition

A non-profit dedicated to educating children in spiritual practices to energize and empower a brighter future.

Along Comes Hope

This organization delivers resources to children facing cancer, keeping their families strong in otherwise desperate circumstances.

Shriners Hospital For Children

Charity-powered hospital that provides advanced care for children with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and more.

Storm Aid

Storm Aid is a source of emergency relief for people and communities devastated by catastrophic storms and extreme weather which are on the rise from climate change.

Global Unity Foundation

This organization promotes global unity by enlisting leaders worldwide in a fight to eradicate poverty, create economic sustainability, and promote universal quality education.

The Leela Foundation was created by spiritual teacher Eli Jaxon-Bear. Through Leela, Eli and other masters guide humanity to higher consciousness. 


Education, resources, and support to those who have been affected by suicide.

Corporate Partner Program

by Craig Shelly

Welcome to Craig Shelly Beverly Hills Corporate Partner Program!! It is as simple as it is unique! This program is for High level connectors and corporations/organizations with 100 plus employees or clients. The program has been designed to increase your sales thru a very a proven and successful method.

The way this works is we partner up with organizations and become the Official Time Partners of your events. We introduce a co-branded collection of timepieces along with packaging focused around your market. We create partnerships and incentive programs for your members and their clients and/or employees. We share a percentage of the revenue with your organization and thus it becomes a win-win.

Get Featured on our website:
Our Corporate Partners are High Level Coaches, Well Established Business and brands from all walks of life and some of the most Accomplished and Distinguished organizations around the world.

Real-Time Statistics and Reporting!
Feel free to log in 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance, and how your banners are performing on our website. This provides an easy way for you to stay on top of your sales and keep track of progress!

Take pride in knowing that you are a partner of a socially conscious brand:

“Purpose Before Profits” The purchase of Every watch supports one child for one year with food and education! Craig Shelly Beverly Hills also supports Shriners Hospital for Children, Along Comes Hope, A Soldier’s Journey Home, and Storm Aid!

We welcome you to join our Corporate Partner Program and benefit from this unique opportunity to be in front of your clients and employees for a very very long time !!

Apply Here:


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