Popongo: The Newest Game Taking The World By Storm



Popongo is a new high-energy sport created by Errol Anderson, who was born and raised in Jamaica and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. The idea of Popongo sparked in the midst of quarantine after being invited to a close friend's small backyard get together. Errol had a realization that there was a desperate need for more options when it comes to social and interactive lawn games. That was until he started jotting down the rules, colors ,and process of how he would invent Popongo into a small notebook.

Popongo can be played indoors or outdoors. All you need is 15 ft of space and one partner, or two players on each team if you choose to compete with two boards rather than one. Popongo is recommended for all ages and is unlike any game available on the market. Popongo keeps participants engaged for hours because of its unique and competitive point system. The primary objective is to outscore the other team and the concept is simple; players take turns tossing foam, golf-sized balls into cups that are placed in the, patent-pending, Popongo platform. The cups have different point values based on their color. Toss the balls into the cups for points, and once you reach the winning points, game over and you get to yell Popongo! Trust us, you will literally want to yell, Popongo!


“Popongo is Jamaican pride in a game. Inspired by my culture, I created Popongo to provide families and friends with a new and more exciting alternative to what is currently available,” said Anderson, the founder and CEO of Popongo. “The Popongo set takes a minute to set up, is suitable for all ages, and you can play it anywhere. We are very excited to bring this game to every outdoor deck, park, poolside, beach, and household's lawn or living room in the New Year. One Love.”

Anderson’s Jamaican heritage influenced the brand colors in the game. Black, Green, and Gold for the Jamaican flag colors. Black for the strength and creativity of the people. Green for the amazing vegetation and Gold for the beautiful bright sun. Red represents mother Africa, and blue represents the amazingly gorgeous skies and ocean waters of the Caribbean.

Popongo is proudly Handcrafted in Denver, CO. Your board will be the only one like it with each board having its own unique wood grain pattern. A single board set retails for $159 USD and comes with a board, 9 cups, and 10 balls. The double board set retails at $299 USD and includes 2 boards, 18 cups, and 10 balls. 

We invite you to join the Popongo community on all social media platforms @playpopongo.



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